Marketing, Educational and Corporate Video

Film is a powerful marketing tool for promoting your product or service or augmenting internal communications. Our team is committed to producing excellent quality material to enhance your clients’ understanding of what your business or organisation has to offer.

Whatever your budget, your deadline and the platform you want your video production delivered on, our creative, friendly and professional teams will bring their vast experience to your project.



We are passionate about filming live events including concerts, festivals, conferences, seminars, workshops, interviews and news footage. Our dedicated team of professionals has years of experience in the broadcast industry and wide-ranging expertise in producing, cinematography and editing. We guarantee you fantastic footage and excellent customer service.


Motion Design

Motion Design is an everyday part of our media experience. On TV, the web, and even some billboards now, you see movement. Movement is intrisically more interesting than a still ad. But there are more details to be concerned with for motion design than most other forms of advertising. There can be restrictions on encoding, dimensions, frame rate, file format, file size, and more.

In addition to stand-alone animations, additive "eye candy" is included - smoke, sparkles, particle engine, motion blur, fireworks, and more. Good supportive animation can bring your message to life.


Equipment and Crew Hire

Alternatively, should you wish to use us on a hire-only basis, we can accommodate your requirements for equipment, facilities and professional services. Whether you are a novice, a TV reporter/correspondent, documentarist or an experienced fellow filmmaker who needs an extra hand, Blackfilm can provide a package adapted to your needs. We offer services in camera and crew hire, training, footage transfer and editing at highly competitive prices.